The FDNY's Squad Concept inspired our approach to Production Supervision and Technical Design:


From "Trics of the Trade" in Firehouse magazine by Tony Tricarico Nov 22nd, 2007:

"The mission of a squad in the FDNY encompasses four of the fire service disciplines: engine work, truck work, rescue operations and hazardous materials operations. They are a highly specialized units, training in many technical disciplines as well as basic bread and butter operations. They are required to maintain multiple technician level standards in many areas, as is standard with all units assigned to the Special Operations Command." Read the full article here.

So how does that all translate to Technical Production in entertainment? We feel that by having a team of professionals skilled in one specific area while also being able to function across departments allows us to approach executing production in a more detailed and efficient manner. The Squad companies in the FDNY handle their own fires as well as assist other firefighters in basic and advanced operations. Beacon can work within your organization on a consultant basis, be hired for one objective or department such as Scenery Supervision or CAD services, or we can take on a whole production. It comes down to the needs of our Clients and how we can best serve them. Since we are focused more on doing fewer projects at a high level rather than working on a volume basis, you can expect continuity of staff and communication. Your project lead will be with you from kickoff to load-out.