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Welcome to Beacon Theatrical Services - a specialized Technical Supervision and Production Management company serving the theatrical, live entertainment, immersive, and experiential production industries. Our capabilities and experience throughout the business give us a unique perspective on the challenges faced by producers, organizers and managers as they strive to create and execute their vision. We approach every project as a new, unique challenge drawing on what has worked in the industry and abandoning what has not. We seek diversified Clients who want to push their respective mediums forward and are looking for partners in their adventure. We offer experience from working with some of the top companies in New York City in the Broadway, brand experience and installation fields. We want to hear from you about your next project and how we can help make it a reality. Please check out our About section for more information on our founding and feel free to Contact Us about how we can help you today!      We are committed to creating a more equitable and anti-racist production industry. click here to read more.

We are Specialists in:

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We specialize in Production Supervision of all types of live events from Theatrical Productions, Award Shows, Corporate Meetings, Film Premieres and Festivals, Brand Launches and even large scale Weddings.

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The future of live entertainment is immersive entertainment. Our staff has led the way on pioneering projects in this field giving us the knowledge and experience to bring your dream world to a reality.

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Production and Audiovisual Systems are often an afterthought when it comes to venue construction projects. We work with your Architect and Construction Manager to keep these systems a priority to ensure smooth and worry free operation of your presentation venue.

Beacon was founded with the idea that a focused, team driven approach to problem-solving

when executing a project would make that project more successful and of a higher quality.

We focus on every detail of your project and strive to bring the best people  to it and those people bring their best attitudes which makes doing the work and easier – and dare we say – enjoyable experience.

Beacon’s approach to production uses techniques and practices from the construction and other industrial fields and applies them to production schedules, resource management and venue preparation.

We’ve found these techniques to be successful in building temporary theaters, loading in large, complex shows for short runs and helping organizations better refine their internal staffing and operational structures. At Beacon, we are hands on, leading from the front and involved in all levels of decision making in order to maintain a high level of value and quality control.


We work with our clients to package services based on their

needs from consulting to complete project management.

Services We Offer:

Comprehensive Site Surveys & Reports

Design Reviews and Feasibility Studies

Create Technical Design Concepts

CAD and Technical Design Services

Scope & Technical Specifications Creation

Designer Support & Consultation

Project Estimating, Bid-Spec. Creation

Calendar and Scheduling Creation and Management

Budget Creation & Management


Load-In/Out Supervision

Run-of-Show Supervision

Live Event Management

Labor Procurement and Oversight

Payroll Management

Production Documentation and Reports

FDNY Certifications for Flame Retardant Materials (C-15)

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